Terms & Conditions

Poultry Project Reporter Services Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions apply to the training and support services provided by Poultry Project Reporter to you for which you have paid the applicable fees.

Support services. Poultry Project Reporter will expedite a reasonable level of assistance and user support and in relation to our training services and online software programs via e-mail primarily and other channels as announced from time to time. Support services availability will be published via the Poultry Project Reporter website.

Update services. Poultry Project Reporter will from time to time release updates to our onsite, custom software programs. This will be for the general improvement of their functioning to your benefit. We also will field requests from users to amend software programs featured on our website. These improvements will be considered and if approved, scheduled for deployment, as and when we are able.

Consideration. Our support services are only provided in relation to training courses or software packages which you have paid for. We have ongoing subscription packages as well as one-off purchases. Fees are due in advance. Typically, we will refund fees in full if requested up to 30 days after payment, (see our refund policy). We reserve the right to adjust our prices and fees paid during payment periods.

Poultry Project Reporter reserves the right to limit our service in the following cases:

  • You or your employees behave rudely or offensively to Poultry Project Reporter personnel
  • You unreasonably expect that unaccounted deliverables should be fulfilled outside of the scope of the agreement

In such cases, Poultry Project Reporter will issue a written statement. In such cases, we will always share our reasonings for taking such action.

Term. The agreement you have elected to take is in effect for the associated time period advertise and communicated. Upon receipt of further fees, the agreement is renewed, ongoing. Both you or Poultry Project Reporter can cancel the agreement at any time.

Law and venue. Any disputes in connection with this agreement are governed by UK law.

Copyright. All course content is copyrighted by Poultry Project Reporter. Only one person within your organization can use the course material. Further use, reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited.