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Layer 10: Vehicles

  • Egg Tray

    (Egg Tray - this section tells the dimensions of the chosen egg trays for transporting product to market.)
  • Egg Box

    (Egg Box - this section shows the dimension of the egg boxes used to transport bulk eggs.)
  • Batch

    (Egg Batch - this gives an estimate for the number of eggs per batch sold and therefore the size of vehicle needed.)
  • Transport: Carrying Capacity

    (Carrying Capacity - this is the minimum carrying capacity of the egg delivery vehicle needed for this project.)
  • Transport: Vehicle

    (Target Vehicle - this is the target vehicle which matches the requirement.)
  • Other: Vehicles

    (Other Vehicles - this sections details other farm vehicles needed for this project.)
  • Item Purpose Vehicle Cost Actions
    There are no Entries.

    Maximum number of entries reached.

  • Total Vehicle Cost

    (Total Vehicle Cost - this is the total cost of vehicles needed for this project.)
  • (Abbreviate your local currency. For example, Rs. for Indian Rupees.)
  • (Enter your full name to identify yourself formally to the recipients of this your broiler poultry farm project plan)
  • (Enter the name of your proposed chicken farming poultry business)