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Broiler 24: Capital (One-Off & Recurring)

  • One-Off Capital

    (One-Off Capital - this section outlines the one-time capital expenses related to the start-up of this farm business.)
  • Working Capital

    EXPENSES (Direct Operational Expenses for Starting Up - this section is a list of start-up expenses (direct costs) needed for beginning rearing.)
  • OVERHEADS (Overheads & Indirect Costs - this is a list of business costs which are indirectly associated with the running of the farm.)
  • TOTAL WORKING CAPITAL (Working Capital - this is the total capital requirement for funding the 1st year of operation.)
  • Funding

    (Funding - this section shows the split between money borrowed vs. own money used for funding this broiler farming project.)
  • (Abbreviate your local currency. For example, Rs. for Indian Rupees.)
  • (Enter your full name to identify yourself formally to the recipients of this your broiler poultry farm project plan)
  • (Enter the name of your proposed chicken farming poultry business)
  • (Have a logo for your broiler poultry farm business? Upload it here in either .jpg or .png format - we will insert it tastefully within your custom project report)