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Broiler 10: Vehicles

  • Batch Size

  • (Enter your proposed size of batch - no. of birds each cycle of rearing)
  • (How many birds do you you expect to die on average per batch bought? Absolute number.)
  • Crates or Modules

    Broiler birds are taken to market by vehicle, but packed up in transit into modules or crates. In this section, calculations are made for vehicular and crate specification for the corresponding batch size of birds.
  • Transport: Carrying Capacity

    (Vehicular carrying capacity - this section declares the vehicular carrying capacity required for this broiler farm - based on batch size.)
  • Transport: Vehicle

    (Type of bird carrying vehicle - this section declares the most suitable transport option for delivering broiler birds.)
  • Other: Vehicles

    (Other farm vehicles - this section outlines the need and corresponding cost of any other farm vehicles required for this project.)
  • Item Purpose Vehicle Cost Actions
    There are no Entries.

    Maximum number of entries reached.

  • Total Vehicle Cost

    (Total vehicle cost - this section tells the grand total cost of all vehicles required for this project.)
  • (Abbreviate your local currency. For example, Rs. for Indian Rupees.)
  • (Enter your full name to identify yourself formally to the recipients of this your broiler poultry farm project plan)
  • (Enter the name of your proposed chicken farming poultry business)
  • (Have a logo for your broiler poultry farm business? Upload it here in either .jpg or .png format - we will insert it tastefully within your custom project report)